Collagen Serum


A powerful collagen serum formulated by a dermatologist.

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Collagen is a very important scleroprotein of the connective tissue.
The ingredients in this anti-ageing and cell regenerating product have
a high bio-availability towards skin regeneration of the connective tissue
by increasing oxygen consumption and inhibiting proteinases – when an
enzyme breaks down the proteins that have structural functions in the skin.
This serum inhibits skin enzymes that break down the proteins causing
damage to the skin, plus it improves firmness. The serum also contains
Palmitoyl tripeptide -3, which increase collagen synthesis stimulation
by 119% compared to the positive standard of human fibroblasts levels.
Another plant-derived peptide in the serum protects the skin from
collagenase-induced damages caused by UV-radiation. This powerful
serum not only provides superior collagen protection, it also stimulates
growth (of collagen).

Apply the serum with one or two fingers and massage thoroughly into skin –
gentle circular motions. Do not pull or stretch skin as this could result in sagging.
Apply twice daily after cleansing. The serum is the first product that should
be applied to the skin after cleansing. A moisturizer appropriate for your skin type
should be used over the serum.

50 ml

Ingredients: Water, propylene glycol, carbopol edt, matrix metallo proteinase
inhibitors, mucukehl, cohibin, elhibin, lipisone, Phenonip, active ingredients.

Store in refrigerator.


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