25 ml Maracuja Oil


Cold pressed oil. Also know as Passionflower.

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Cold pressed oil.

About Maracuja oil:
Also know as Passionflower.
● High in vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and essential fatty acids.
● Contains carotenoids, very healthy for skin and help protect from sun damage.
● High anti-oxidant content.
● Balances skin sebum, prevents premature aging and moisturizes dry skin.
● It has it light and non-greasy texture, which absorbs right into the skin.
● Helps balances scalp oil, encourages healthy, strong hair, and gives a natural sheen.
● Performs well as a light body moisturizer.
● High content of linoleic acid which aids the restoration of the lipid layer of the skin.

Cold pressed Maracuja oil.

Directions for Use
For skin, use a few drops, rub between your palms and then massage into the desired area.
For hair, use about 5 drops, rub between palms and then apply to hair (roots, tips or body).


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